Welcome to the 2019 holiday brochure. You will notice this year we have made lots of changes with how we have put the tours together. Unfortunately this year there is a noticeable price increase on our tours which is out of our control. Due to all hotels putting their prices up considerably because of in-house expenses eg. the work place pension, electricity, heating etc this has had a knock on effect with our tours.

On a positive note and having listened to our customers we have decided to incorporate admission fees which are part of a tour so that there is no additional hidden fees. This will reflect on the price of the holiday which we hope will be a change in how we have toured before.

With the continued support from our organisers, passengers, our friends from the north as well as welcoming new customers on board, we hope to have a successful 2019 and that you enjoy all we have to offer. So on a final note, we thank you for travelling with us and hope you make happy memories and new friends along the way.

We hope you enjoy what the brochure has to offer.......

have a Happy Holiday!


* Please note that all photo imagery promoting hotels and their destinations are for illustration purposes only.